The Pen Museum
Unit 3, The Argent Centre
60 Frederick Street
B1 3HS

As part of the Museums at Night project we temporarily became part of the Pen Museum intertwining amongst the exhibits between the 15th May until 15th June 2014, covering performance art, video, live ink making, sculpture, writing and drawing. Our concept was formed around the notion of the scribe, drawing, writing and the concept of the pen. The exploration of there traditions and their places in history and in modern society. The artwork embraced the nature of the museum, juxtaposing history with contemporary examination.


Co-curator Sonya Russell-Saunders
Sonya Russell-Saunders is a freelance curator of contemporary art who co-founded The Wig an art group and exhibition space in 2011. She has a specific interest in offsite and contextual curatorial strategies and a passion for performative and participatory art. Her current research considers audiences as a curated medium, examined through sociological, psychological and theatrical curatorial staging.



Caroline Ali                  

David R Miller                          Cathy Wade
Elena Cassidy-Smith    

Bethan McKnight                     Emily Warner
Sally Butcher          

Holly O’Meara & Bob Cooper    Pak Keung Wan
Lynne Halford              

Jake Laffoley  

Amanda Pearce                          Vicky Roden                           
Helen Rands               

Daniel Salisbury
James Wilkes 
Jon Wilkes